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(Protector 800Day 19 of 30)

I’m having a difficult time describing how and why I am a protector. Maybe it’s because the trait is too ingrained to be able to tease it out to analyze. But to put it plainly, I protect the people I love. Not because they can’t do it for themselves, not because I have to fill a weakness of theirs, and not because without me they would be lost. I know my limitations. I don’t hold myself up as some all-powerful guardian of good and right. But in my mind, you protect those you love from harm. Period. I suppose I could say I believe it’s part of my “job” as a loving human being.

In the end, maybe I’m having a hard time with this one because it’s just that simple. Isn’t that the truth? Some of the simplest concepts are the hardest to put into words.