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Independent thought

July4 600I know everybody’s getting ready for BBQ and fireworks on this 4th of July, but before you go and start celebrating too heartily, please take a moment to think.

My wish for this Independence Day is that today will start an era when we all can/will freely voice the ideas we believe in. But hold on just a sec… This is different from what is happening all over the country right now. It’s become popular, because it’s so easy to do, to bash the opposition. It feels like an opinion when we say, NOPE you’re wrong, but it’s really not. The problem is, pointing out what you don’t believe is mindless. It depends on someone else spending their thoughts and effort and time to form an opinion. It takes heart to be FOR something. It takes nothing to be against it.

Here’s what we’ve been missing, if I might be so bold (and let’s be real, we all know I am…) Maybe we don’t agree with someone else’s ideas or beliefs, but we can at least respect each other for the effort they put into being thoughtful citizens. We can understand that others feel just as strongly about their beliefs as we do our own. We can relate as people who all just want a safe place to live and good food to share with the people we love, right?

So take some time today to not only celebrate our independence from tyranny, but also to celebrate your own independence from forced ideologies. Celebrate independent thought. That there is about as patriotic as you can get!